Miscellaneous Tools and Supplies

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spacerMini Mister

Mini Spray Mister

This 4" tall mister can be used with many thin liquids (water, inks...).
Mini Spray Mister holds 8ml and has a plastic cap.

$1.50 Single

spacerMini Mister

Mini Spray Mister

This 4" tall mister can be used with many thin liquids (water, inks...).
Mini Spray Mister holds 8ml and has a plastic cap.

$6.50 5/pk.


9 Dram (1oz.) plastic vials with snap on caps
Made from thick Polystyrene



Binocular Magnifier Headset

This is a tool I can't do without. Real optical glass lenses (not plastic like cheap models).
Comes with 4 powers (1.5x, 2x, 2.5x & 3.5x). Perfect for any job.
These are as good as the $45.00 Optivisor model but they only comes with a single power lens.

$28.00 ea.


Tin ClosedTin


Blank Hinged Mint Tins

Inside dimensions: 3-11/16" x 2-5/16" x 3/4"

These can be used to store items in or decorate with paint, stickers, polymer clay or whatever.
Makes a great and useful gift when decorated.
These are basically Altoids tins that have no markings, ready to decorate any way you want.




EasyMold Silicone Putty

  • 3 minute work time, 25 minute cure time
  • Excellent detail from original
  • Strong, flexible, reusable molds
  • High heat range, up to 400f
  • No shrinkage
  • Self releasing, no mold release required

$26.00 for 1/2 lb. kit


Stainless Steel Hemostat
5" Strait
A must have for handling small items
They lock so you don't have to keep pressure.

$3.65 ea.

Micro Mest

Micro-Mesh (tm) sanding pads
These are super fine sanding pads made in the U.S.A. and perfect For sanding polymer clay and epoxy resin to a high gloss polish. These are the original not the cheap China knock offs.

You get the 9 piece assortment pack with laminated color grit chart as shown above.

$9.55 pack


Rare Earth Magnets
While these are small, they are very strong.
Perfect for making fridge magnets and more.
3/8" x 1/16" Pack of 5 pieces.

$3.25 5/pack


30X - 21mm Folding Jewelers Loupe
Comes in plastic storage case.
This is a must have tool for anybody that deals
with small parts. I use mine everyday.

$4.85 ea.

bead reamer

Bead Reamer Tool
5.25" overall length
You will get a random color


or pack

orange tips

Orange Sticks
Made from orange wood these are general purpose
tools that have one pointed end and the other beveled.
3.8mm Diameter 114mm long

$1.25 Pack of 25


2 Part Elmers Epoxy Glue
Great for gluing photos into bezels
as well as gluing bails and more
1Fl oz, Sets in 5 minutes, cures in 1 hour

$6.50 ea.


You asked for it!
Now we carry it!


This is one of the most requested products we have had
This is a 4oz. bottle
Non Toxic, Dries clear, Bonds most anything glue
Can even be used to seal ink-jet prints for domin

$4.95 ea.

20pc brush

20 Piece Nylon Brush Set
These are cheap enough to be disposable
when used with epoxy or paint
yet rinse out easily in water when used with
Weldbond or inkseal

$3.25 set of 20 brushes

5 piece brush

5 Piece Nylon Brush Set
5 different sizes to fit most needs.
Handle color may vary.

$5.00 set of 5 brushes


5 Piece cosmetic brushes
Brushes are approximately 3.25" long.
Comes in a plastic storage case.
Good for mica powders and inks.

$2.25 set

Small Bubble Level

Small bubble level
Even though this level is only 0.54" diameter
it is still as accurate as the big boys

$1.45 ea.

Steam Punk Sta


Steam-Punk Clear Polymer Stamp
This stamp can be used to stamp ink of course but can also
be used to mold shapes into polymer clay and many other uses.
The B/W image above shows the design.
The design is both in a positive and negative on the actual stamp
So it can make the outline or the pieces themselves

Overall size of the stamp is 4" x 6" unmounted.

$7.50 ea.

7 sided box

7 component storage box
Separate snap closed lids per compartment
Overall size is approximately 3.25" across









Flitz Polish

Flitz is the best metal polish I have ever seen.
The penny above was cleaned in less than a minute.
The penny was so shiny afterwards that I had a hard
time photographing it, it's shinier than it looks like above.

Simply apply a little and rub with a cloth.

Each pack contains 2 grams. A little goes a long way.
Each pack could polish about 20 or more pennies.
The aluminum pouch can be folded over for later use.

Check out the video on our Tips page